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Dehydrated Riced Cauliflower


With this Club Size Riced Cauliflower you will get 39 individual portions being only .49 cents per serving! Keto portion: two servings per meal. A flick of the wrist, a sleight of hand. Ta-daa! You’ve cut your carbs and increased your fiber with one easy swap. Gluten free and grain free, Just About Foods’ Dehydrated Riced Cauliflower serves as a healthy rice substitute in any dish. Substituting traditional rice for Just About Foods’ Dehydrated Riced Cauliflower is as easy as saying “Abracadabra.” But its nutritional value is no illusion. Boasting 6 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber per serving, Dehydrated Riced Cauliflower is like a magic solution to healthier eating.  Gluten free and grain free single ingredient rice alternative, low carb, good source of fiber, wholesome base to any meal. No additives and no preservatives. One single ingredient Gluten free Grain free Good source of fiber .

BY FAMILY: Cauliflower

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